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Designing and prototypes

Our business department is focused on high standard products and we provide maximum support to our customers in all branches. A close cooperation is very important for making a good pallet concept until finished product. We are able to finalize the product in customers’ own plant.

The development of new products is a daily routine - since market entry we acquired more than 1000 different pallets in our product range. These products are based on our own development or customer specifications.

Our development process

  • Meeting with our sales representative and pallet designer
  • Custom-made production of a concept, 3D model
  • Modification of the concept
  • Production of 1- 3 pc of prototypes for testing
  • Adaptation and finalisation of the concept and prototypes, preparing for series production

Manufacturing to your specification

  • Would you like to be advised, how to store your tyres?
  • Do you have your own idea and vision for your perfect tyre storing? Would you like to have a completely new tyre rack developed?
  • Avex offers you maximum support during developing a new tyre concept until final product.
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