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Tyre storage pallets

We are certified producer of these tyre racks:


  • Excellent protection of tyres against damage
  • Pallets are foldable and stackable
  • Reduction of storage area
  • Easy manipulation
  • Longevity

Buildings of AVEX Company - production of steel pallets

Avex Steel Products s.r.o. is 100 % Czech family company. Founded in 1996, with the purpose - Development and series production of practical steel pallets, tyre storage pallets and contaıners for the tyre industry.

Today Avex Steel Products is one of the biggest companies producing tyre racks and stillages all over the world. Since then Avex began to produce special pallets in accordance to customers’ needs for several industrial sectors.

Our corporate philosophy consists of close cooperation with our customers to offer them a product in accordance to their needs. After the production, the tyre storage pallets are delivered directly to the customer. Avex Steel Products s.r.o. exports to more than 90 countries. Our customers are from Europe, America, Asia, or Australia.

The purpose of Avex Company is to be better with every product every day, to be more productive, faster and economical. Avex is a reliable and computable business partner for trade and industry at home and abroad.


The delivered tyre storage pallets from Avex ensure maximum reduction of your expenses and safety.


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