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Production of steel pallets

The company Avex Steel Products s.r.o. engaged in the manufacture of steel pallets since 1996. It has modern machinery, production of tyre storage pallets are utilized at these workplaces:

  • CNC CO2 laser cutting of sheet metal with a pallet exchanger and automatic loading and unloading of sheets
  • CNC press brake to ensure simple shape bends, 5-axis back gauge with electric backing thin sheets
  • CNC hydraulic shears for cutting metal sheets, pneumatic support trim, rear stop
  • Hydraulic automatic saw with numerically controlled stop
  • Tube bending machine designed for mechanical tube bending cold
  • Robotic welding
  • Handling equipments


Production process
The serial production of steel pallets is realised on welding jigs.
Prototypes are manufactured by hand welding on Siegmund tables.


Checking of metal pallets

The quality of products is very important for us. We pay attention to our production control throughout the manufacturing process. Our employees have access to modern technical equipment. The current design documentation is available in electronic form. We check our products in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.


Labeling of pallets

Marking of steel pallets can be realized in different ways. We use self-adhesive PE labels and aluminum plates. The name or logo of your company can be burned by laser.

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